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Tuesday, August 11, 2020   23:33:52

Planning a Razi Institute to deal with emerging diseases

Razi's research and technology vice president of the Vaccine and Serum Research Institute announced the formation of a specialty-research group on futures research in this series to combat emerging diseases and the production of new vaccines.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Razi Institute, Dr. Mojtaba Muharrami, referring to the formation of research teams at the Razi Institute, said: "Given the country's need for new vaccines and biological products and the spread of new diseases, one of the specialized groups formed in This is the Institute of Future Studies. He added that future research is one of the newest specialized groups in the institute that has been seen by all parties and this group is working on it. has started. According to Dr Mohammadi, in this group, as in other groups, detailed studies are under way on various future diseases, and, finally, after a series of steps, the plans leading to applied research will be approved by the Scientific Committee of the Razi Institute And they are allocated funds. Razi's research and technology deputy also announced the formation of a supervisory council at the Razi Institute to assess the progress of research projects and said: if approved by the Supervisory Board, the credibility of the second phase will be paid to the project implementer. He recalled: Razi Institute specialized research groups are reviewing various issues of veterinary research and production of biological products.

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