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Newcastle Disease Vaccine (B1) 2500 , 5000 doses

Type and form of vaccine:
Live attenuated, freeze-dried
Vaccine compositions:
Each dose contains at least 106 EID50 of lentogenic Newcastle viruses, B1 strain.
For the active immunization of chickens against Newcastle disease
Administration route and dosage:
Eye drop:
For preparing each 1000 doses, dissolve completely the contents of each vaccine vial in 25 ml of Normal Saline or sterilized distilled water, then using a standard drop-dispenser to place 1 drop of the solution in bird's eye. This method is the best way to ensure of individual vaccination and preferred to other methods.
 Drinking water:
Up to 10 days age, each 1000 doses of the vaccine are thoroughly dissolved in 10 liters clean water and chlorine-free or other disinfectants, then added to the skimmed milk (without fat) in the ratio of 2.0-2.5 per one thousand (for each extra day, additional one liter of water should be considered). In this method, chickens should be deprived of access to water for 1-2 hours before vaccination started.
Each 1000 doses of the vaccine are dissolved in 100-300 ml of cold and disinfectant free of Normal Saline or distilled water then sprayed. The amount of dilution and size of the droplet depend on the chickens' age and the type of sprayer device.
Recommended vaccination program:
This vaccine is recommended for all chickens at 1-7 days of age.
Withdrawal period:
Not included
-Avoid vaccination of birds that are clinically ill or suffered from transportation or malnutrition. 
- Do not use the vaccine after the expiry date.
Side effects:
Mild respiratory complications are likely observed after vaccine spraying in flocks that are positive for Mycoplasma or in herds with ineffective hygienic management.
Drug interactions:
This vaccine should not be mixed or administered concurrently with other live vaccines.
Precautions and warnings:
- Vaccines should be provided from the official distribution network.
- Vaccination must be carried out according to the veterinarian's order.
- Ensure the health of the flock prior to vaccination.
- All susceptible birds in the same herds should be vaccinated at the same time.
- Use entire contents of the vial when first opened (for up to 2 hours).
Safe disposal of waste or partially used vaccines:
Leftover vaccine container and all unused contents must be properly sterilized by autoclave, burning or appropriate chemicals.
Keep vaccine at 2 to 8 °C away from light. In this condition, the vaccine can be used up to the expiry date stated on the vaccine label.
This vaccine is provided in boxes containing 20 or 10 vials; each contains 1000, 2500, or 5000 doses. 
Last reviewed:
1-Office international des epizooties (OIE), 2017, Newcastle disease, Manual of diagnostic tests and vaccines for terrestrial animals, section 2.3.14

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