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On Monday, September 11th, the Scientific Relations and International Affairs of Razi Institute organized a videoconference with LABIOFAM, a biotechnology company based in Cuba. The webinar was hosted by Dr. Rainak Ghaderi, the head of the Scientific Relations and International Affairs at Razi Institute, and attended by many high-ranking officials from both sides. Dr. Ghaderi spoke about the forthcoming 100-year anniversary of Razi Institute and the institute's distinguished role in addressing various health challenges throughout its century-long history.
To showcase their activities visually, Razi Institute presented an English video clip and a PowerPoint file that elaborated on most of the activities, products, services, and projects of the institute since its establishment. LABIOFAM, on the other hand, demonstrated a PowerPoint file that introduced the company by highlighting its mission to provide high-quality biological, pharmaceutical, natural, and chemical products for agricultural, animal, and human use. The PowerPoint file also outlined the different enterprises across Cuba and talked about the company's R&D department with more than 150 research projects, including biological, pharmaceutical, bioplaguicides for vector control, agricultural products, natural products, and cosmetics.
The PowerPoint file further revealed that LABIOFAM's production line is designed for biological productions for veterinary lines covering viral vaccines, bacterial vaccines, and diagnostic kits. The pharmaceutical production line produces medicines and bio products for veterinary use and is used in public health and agriculture, where bioplaguicides, biostimulants, and bio fertilizers are manufactured. According to the PowerPoint file, LABIOFAM Viral Vaccines, Bacterial Vaccines, and Diagnostic Kits cover 18, 14, and 13 diseases, respectively.
Dr. H. Sobhani, the Honorable Ambassador of Iran in Havana, appreciated Razi Institute arranging this webinar and welcomed LABIOFAM to attend. The Ambassador expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration and offered to send samples of LABIOFAM to Iran, requesting both parties to announce their requests and offers in writing for easier management by the embassy. Dr. Es-haghi, the Director General of Razi Institute, also expressed his desire to establish a wider and more comprehensive collaboration between Razi and LABIOFAM.
The main request of LABIOFAM was to provide diagnostic kits, while Razi Institute requested some strains, including Marek disease seed. Razi Institute is proactively seeking to further cultivate meaningful scientific and technological cooperation with Labiofam and develop more contact with international organizations leading the way in their respective fields, such as Labiofam.
Both Razi Institute and LABIOFAM agreed that they would submit their requests in written form for future consideration. The final decision will be made after taking into account the current circumstances.

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