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Wednesday, August 30,2023 Razi Institute  Academic Relations and International Affairs office organized a webinar with Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute (QSMI) in Thailand in Kaveh Hall.

This webinar hosted Razi Institute high ranking official, experts and QSMI officials including Professor Dr. Visith Sitprija, the president of QSMI. The participants discussed the potential areas of collaboration between Razi Institute and QSMI.

Dr. Rainak Ghaderi, Head of Razi Institute's Academic Relations and International Affairs office, welcomed all the participants in the webinar and expressed his appreciation on behalf of Razi Institute's Director General to Professor Visith Sitprija and his colleagues for attending the webinar. He emphasized the importance of building and strengthening international ties and partnerships, and mentioned the potential opportunities for collaboration between Razi Institute and QSMI.

Dr. Mehran Dabaghian, the faculty member at Razi Institute, expressed his appreciation for QSMI's management team and spoke about the potential for effective and valuable cooperation between Razi Institute and QSMI. He also proposed the idea of joint collaboration and projects related to the development of anti-sera for snake and scorpion venom. He emphasized the importance of this research and its potential impact on human health and well-being.

Professor Dr. Visith Sitprija, the president of QSMI, showed his appreciation for the Razi Institute for organizing this webinar, and talked about scorpions and snakes in Thailand and how global warming is affecting their lifestyle and population. He also requested the Razi Institute to send them snake and scorpions venom samples to be checked, analyzed, and processed.

Dr. Morteza Taghizadeh, head of human biologic production Department, addressed the discovery of new species of snake in Iran's eastern border causing casualties. He also expressed his appreciation to all the guests and participants while discussing the possibility of sending samples of venomous snake species to QSMI for further analysis and evaluation.

Dr. Ghaderi, on behalf of Razi Institute's director general, assured the QSMI team of sending them a written proposal including all the technical specifications and finally invited the QSMI team to visit the institute.

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