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On Wednesday August 9, 2023, Razi Institute International Relations office organized a video conference regarding the possibility of exporting vaccines to and launching a vaccine production line in Malaysia.

Dr. Ali Asghar Mohammadi, the Iranian ambassador to Malaysia, highlighted that Malaysia has a strong and firm decision to include human vaccines in their public health plan, he also stated that Malaysian government aims to achieve two main goals with its vaccine provision efforts, the first is to meet domestic demand, while the second goal is to establish Malaysia as a vaccine hub to supply vaccines to other countries.  With the growing presence of Turkey and China in Malaysia's vaccine market, Razi Vaccine & Serum Research Institute as a Muslim partner can take immediate action in entering into this market.

 Dr. Ali Es-haghi, Director General of Razi Institute, shared that the institute is ready to collaborate with the Malaysian government in terms of transferring knowledge and technology. He stated that taking this opportunity, I would like to assure you that Razi institute attaches great importance to Iran – Malaysia bilateral relationship. While overcoming all difficulties before us, we will definitely inject new vitality to keep this economic and trade cooperation deepened.

While expressing the emphasis of AREEO's high-ranking officials on building relationships with other countries such as Malaysia and Oman, Dr. Rainak Ghaderi, the Head of International Office at Razi Institute, highlighted the possibility of submitting research proposals to establish this cooperation with the help of the esteemed embassy. 

Expressing appreciation to Mr. Ambassador Ali Asghar Mohammadi and Mr. Alizadeh from the embassy of Iran in Kuala Lumpur and also RVSRI’s board of trustees, Mr. Aboulfazl Maarefvand the Manager of Commercial department who participated in this vide conference, Dr. Es-haghi said that Razi institute will continue to pursue the win-win strategy of developing friendly relations and cooperation with Malaysia.

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