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Which vaccine should be used for the booster dose?

Dr. Seyedreza banihashemi, R&D Director of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute stated that the immunity of most people in the society is the result of vaccination and natural immunity, he said it is recommended to take vaccines with a low amount of antigen in each dose and based on recombinant protein as a booster dose.
According to the Public Relations of Razi Institute, Dr. Seyedreza Banihashemi said about the new wave of coronavirus in the country: As a researcher in the field of immunology and vaccines, I consider it my duty to increase the information of my dear compatriots and leave the choice to them.
He emphasized: One of the facts that we must discuss is why the corona virus calmed down in Iran for a short period of time. If we know the real answer to this question without bias, we will be able to draw the future strategies against this disease. 
The faculty member of Razi Institute continues by raising the question whether only the vaccines used in Iran have caused the current safety or have we paid more costs for this safety? He stated: According to the statistics of the Lancet magazine regarding the number of people affected by the corona virus and the amount of deaths caused by it, it can be said that the reason for the immunity that we are currently witnessing in the country is the phenomenon of hybrid immunity.
Dr. Banihashemi explained: Most of the vaccines injected in Iran were inactive virus vaccines, which in terms of immunogenicity and effectiveness alone could not increase such a level of immunity. On the other hand, the infection of a large number of people with the corona virus has been another reason for the temporary relaxation of this virus in the country
Pointing out that the combined safety is weakened after more than 6 months and does not work well for the new variants, he reminded some points and said: Omicron variants, which are very likely to fail due to non-observance of hygiene standards and also enter the country via passengers from the borders, are probably from the B4 or B5 variants, which have a great contagious ability, although these variants may not lead to death and long hospitalizations, but one of their characteristics is to create long-term problems (especially mental problems).
The R&D director of Razi Institute, in his speech, said that people who have not been vaccinated are at the highest risk of disease with new variants and added: After more than two years of the Corona pandemic, the immune system is as weak as it was in 2019 and it can fight this virus well with the help of previous memory; therefore, those who have not received any dose of the vaccine do not have the mentioned characteristics and will be at serious risk.
Dr. Banihashemi pointed out that if a person has a high level of immunity, he can overcome this peak with the least complications and this will not be achieved unless he receives the booster doses, he emphasized: In order to recharge the immune system and considering the various infections in the corona era and the increase of inflammatory factors, one should be very careful in choosing the type of vaccine.
This vaccine researcher stated: The immunity created by most of the people in the society is the combined immunity that is the result of dealing with the full body of the virus and vaccines that use the full body of the virus or viral vectors. For this reason, it is recommended to use the recombinant protein platform for as the booster dose.
He further stated: Considering that the possibility of inflammation and subsequent problems in all people, they should use a vaccine that has the lowest amount of antigen in each dose, in the vaccine immunization centers, people should carefully read the brochures and choose the vaccine with full awareness.
He stated that the use of intranasal vaccines can be the best solution to prevent the spread of the virus and also as a booster doses, if there is no intranasal vaccine available, first receive the intramuscular dose and the intranasal dose in the middle of winter.
R&D director of Razi Institute, by asking the question, should we wait for new generations of vaccines for Omicron sub-variants? He explained: Considering the speed of the spread of the virus and the health system of the country, experiences shows that until the studies of the new vaccine are finished, we will naturally deal with the new variant. Therefore, it is appropriate to increase the level of our immune system to the maximum possible level once again by using booster doses.
The immunology and vaccine researcher of Razi Institute stated that with the loss of many loved ones during this pandemic and the fatigues of health workers, the society cannot sacrifice more in the corona pandemic, he emphasized: We should not delay receiving the booster dose of the appropriate vaccine.

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