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Dr. Seyedreza Banihashmi ,the scientific staff member of the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute announced the publication of the Razi Cov Pars vaccine article in the international journal of Frontiers in Immunology and said: : The publication of this article showed the capacity and capability of Iranian researchers to the world in producing knowledge and protecting public health.
According to the Public Relations of Razi Institute, Dr. Seyedreza Banihashmi, referring to the publication of this article and this great scientific success, stated: The article of the Razi Institute entitled "Evaluation of the harmlessness and safety of the combined intranasal injection of Razi Cov Pars vaccine in laboratory animals" examines the dimensions of the immunity and harmlessness of the Razi vaccine, which was developed  with the participation of 18 scientific researchers in the field of biology and vaccine production of Razi Institute, as well as the participation of two well-known immunology researchers based in German and American research centers, the article  was published  in 20 main pages and 5 additional pages.
He stated: Considering the importance of the scientific content and assumptions included in it, 7 international referees reviewed and evaluated this article, which is one of the most accurate scientific reviews and explorations, because usually the articles in this field is reviewed by 2 or 3 referees.
The faculty member of Razi Institute stated that due to the high importance and credibility of this article, a large number of international scientists and referees evaluated this article of Razi Institute, adding: Based on this, after announcing the opinions and results, this article and its assumptions and scientific content were approved by the great scholars of the world and was published in the scientific journal of Frontiers in Immunology.
He said: The approval and publication of this article is proof of the high quality of the vaccine produced by Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, which showed the capacity and capability of Iranian researchers in the production of knowledge and protection of health and safety against the corona virus. 
The head of immunology department of Razi Institute added: Despite the international sanctions that have created restrictions and difficulties for Iranian researchers and scientists in various fields, we managed to make another honor for the dear Islamic homeland by relying on the power of young researchers and knowledge-based techniques. 
It is worth mentioning that Frontiers in Immunology has the highest number of citations among the world's scientific journals in 2022 with an impact factor of 8.8, and it is also the first journal with open access in the field of immunology and compared to magazines that have published other Iranian articles so far, it has a higher scientific and technical reputation.
Razi Cov Pars Recombinant Protein Vaccine, as the world's first intramuscular-intranasal vaccine, is a high-quality vaccine approved by international scientific authorities, which is produced based on the knowledge and technical techniques of Razi Institute scientists and is injected to applicants in most vaccination centers in the country. 

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