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Dr.  Reza Banihashemi, Director of research and development at the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, referring to the production of the recombinant protein Razi Cov Pars vaccine said: “Studies show that people who use Razi Cov Pars vaccine as a booster dose, the amount of neutralizing antibodies in their body increases up to 18 times”.
He added: "Razi Institute has conducted this study on people who received two doses of vaccines from one of the vaccines of Sinofarm, Barakat, AstraZeneca and Sputnik, and it has been proven."
The Director of research and development of the Razi Institute continued: "Recently, the results of a study in China showed that the amount of antibodies produced with the third dose of Covid-19 Sinofarm vaccine in people who had all their previous two doses of Sinofarm vaccine, after six months are drastically reduced, and the fourth injection does not significantly boost them against amicron.
Dr. Bani Hashemi referring to the issuance of a heterologous vaccination license (A vaccine that is not in platform similar to the first dose vaccine platform) as a booster dose in China said: “While Covid vaccination was started in China based on inactivated vaccines, due to the poor performance of these vaccines as a booster dose, the Bloomberg site announced on the permission to administer booster doses using local vaccines and with the platform of vector adenovirus and peptide vaccines in China”.
Razi Cov Pars vaccine is the first intramuscular-intranasal vaccine of recombinant corona protein, which is developed and produced according to the instructions of the World Health Organization and the strictest internal protocols of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research with a century old history in vaccine manufacturing in the country.
The institute has used the recombinant protein platform, which is one of the safest platforms to make a vaccine, to produce "Razi Cov Pars" vaccine.

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